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for birds

Linea Wellness uccelli

A correct diet is necessary for all animals, but it is especially important for animals with a rapid metabolism, such as birds, because nutritional errors may rapidly lead to pathological conditions. Birds have a rapid metabolism because flight requires a large amount of energy, which must be supplied through their diet, and the food ingested must not weigh down the birds. It is therefore necessary for birds to eat regularly since, because of their metabolism, they are not able to survive without food for a long time.

The most common species of birds kept in captivity are granivorous (parrots are granivorous-frugivorous), which means that in nature their diet consists mainly in grass seeds that are rich in carbohydrates, primary source of readily available energy. The protein needed is provided mostly by oil seeds (like line, niger, sunflower). Birds are very fond of them, but they must be given sparingly because, besides being rich in protein, they are also rich in fat.

From an ethological point of view, a balanced mix of seeds reflects the natural feeding behaviour of birds, in comparison to other feeds; shelling seeds is a stimulating activity for caged birds that keeps them busy. In addition, some breeders say they get better reproductive results feeding mixtures of seeds. For these reasons, Wellness MIXES contain the classic seeds used for feeding the various species.

Wellness MIXES contain the classic seeds used for feeding the various species.







In traditional diets oil seeds are used as a protein source, however they are often ingested excessively. The mechanism underlying this process is based on the fact that birds eat to satisfy their energy and protein needs but if the protein content is not sufficient, in order to ingest the necessary amount, a larger amount of fats is ingested too, causing obesity. Thanks to extruded ProBalance, which is rich in protein and low in fat, the balance between protein and fat in Wellness MIXES is improved.

Birds may be wary of foods they have never tried. For this reason, your bird may at first be reluctant to try the extruded ProBalance. Initially, it could be necessary to administer small amount to help your pet familiarize with its new food and wait until the food is almost all gone before adding any more. Depending on the species, this process will take one or more weeks.

Spirulina algae

ProBalance granules also contain spirulina algae, which has a protein content between 50 and 70% of dry matter, a broad range of amino acids and an high digestibility.

Although the energy requirements of birds in the wild are much greater than those in captivity, the daily requirement of protein, vitamins and minerals is relatively constant. Pet birds require the same daily amounts of essential micronutrients that birds in nature need, but by ingesting less food. Wellness MIXES increase the natural content of micronutrients because ProBalance granules are supplemented with amino acids, trace elements and vitamins.

Wellness MIX for canaries, budgerigars and finches also contain chia seeds, which are the richest source of omega-3 fatty acids (20%). These play an important anti-inflammatory role on the gastrointestinal system and on the skin, contributing to a better appearance of the skin and plumage.

Wellness MIXES are complete feeds, suitable all year round. When nutritional needs increase, when moulting, or during the breeding season or other physically stressful periods, it is advisable to administer, in addition to the MIXES, Wellness PATÉ, which have a higher content in minerals, vitamins and protein, yet have a limited fat content.


The research behind the Wellness food line was carried out with
the cooperation of researchers from the Department of Animal
Sciences at the University of Padua

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Complete food for small herbivores and hamsters,
designed with the strictest regard for their nutritional needs.

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