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Foods for goldfish,
tropical fish, aquatic turtles

Alimenti completi pesci e rettili


Padovan basic foods are designed
to cater for the daily nutritional
needs of fish and turtles.

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Alimenti per rettili


Complementary foods vary the diet
and add certain important substances
for the wellbeing of fish and turtles.

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Prodotti per l'igiene pesci e rettili


Aquarium accessories, such as nets
and products for the wellbeing of
fish and turtles.

All products

Their natural habitat is water, synonymous with life and prosperity. Gazing at a tank of fish or turtle aquarium reminds us that it's crucial to switch off once in a while, it teaches us to forget the hectic pace of life and rediscover the peace and calm of an underwater world inhabited by muffled noises and harmonious movements.
Even here, though, feeding time whips up a frenzy of activity as the occupants drop whatever they're doing and rush to reach the yummy food from our range, which has been designed to keep aquatic animals happy and healthy.
Basic foods, complementary foods for varying diet plus aquarium accessories.