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Foods for canaries, Budgerigars,
Parakeets, Parrots

Alimenti completi uccelli


Padovan basic foods guarantee pet birds
a balanced daily diet.

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Alimenti complementari per uccelli


Complementary foods provide a more varied
diet for birds and ensure their nutritional
in certain periods, such as during
moulting and breeding.

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Alimenti wellness


Essential accessories, such as
material for nesting and sand for
the bottom of cages, but also feeders
and nest boxes for garden birds.

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Foods Wellness

Padovan WELLNESS foods, excellent products in the field of pet bird foods,
are the result of scientific research into the feeding habits
of the most common pet birds.

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Brightly coloured plumage, joyful birdsong filling the air the moment the sun comes up and lively flitterings are sure signs that the cheerful feathered occupants of our homes and gardens are happy and well.
We've designed a comprehensive range of foods just for them to provide a rich, balanced diet, just like they'd find in nature, where each season of the year and stage of life - from chick to adult – requires specific foods.
Basic foods, foods for a varied diet, for moulting and breeding periods. But accessories too, such as materials for nesting and sand for the bottom of cages as well as feeders and nest boxes for garden birds.