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Foods and accessories
for dogs and cats

Alimenti complementari per cani


Padovan complementary foods can be the
occasional reward for pampering your dog.

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Prodotti per l'igiene per cani e gatti


Dog and cat supplies designed for daily
hygiene and grooming, as well as toys
for our enjoyment and theirs.

All products

They bring smiles to our faces and positive energy. Any home is a livelier home when there's a dog or cat sharing it.
These intelligent animals are capable of reading the mood of their human friends, who reward them by fussing over them and giving them tasty, mouth-watering treats, as well as toys and highly refined grooming accessories. We have top-quality products to cater to their every need: from tasty dry or moist foods, to supplies for grooming and hygiene; but also toys to keep cats and dogs amused.