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Foods and litters for Dwarf rabbits,
Hamsters, Guinea pigs, Chinchillas

Alimenti completi coniglie e roditori


Padovan basic foods cater for the alimentary
physiology of small pets, guaranteeing the most
suitable dietary needs
for their metabolism.

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Alimenti complementari per conigli e roditori


As well as varying the diet, complementary
foods can also be given as titbits to reward
rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs.

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Altri prodotti per conigli e roditori


A wide selection of litters and other
accessories, such as drinking bottles
and wood gnaws to chew on.

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Alimenti wellness per conigli e roditori

Foods Wellness

From scientific research into the eating habits of rabbits
and rodents comes the Padovan WELLNESS line of foods, especially
recommended for their high fibre and low calorie content.

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Curious and lively, always eager for a treat and busy doing this and that. With their bright eyes and silky smooth coats, our little mammal friends win the hearts and smiles of the whole family.
For rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs and other small rodents, we've come up with the best foods to meet their physiological needs, as well as a series of treats to indulge and reward our furry friends, making the life they share in our homes that much more enjoyable.
Basic foods, delicious snacks; but also accessories, such as litters and drinking bottles for small pets.