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In order to constantly improve pets’ quality of life, we asked ourselves what was the average quality of feeds found on the market for birds, rodents and rabbits.

To receive the most objective, complete and scientifically convincing answer we asked the researchers of the Department of Animal Sciences of the University of Padova to examine some of the best known feeds on the market.

Considering the enormous species diversity and the level of the researchers’ expertise in zootechnics, it was our decision to start the investigation with feed for dwarf rabbits.

We selected some feeds for adult dwarf rabbits by choosing among the best known brands, and a few others considered to be of high quality. The feeds present different physical characteristics and they are produced by well-known European brands and others. A series of chemical analyses was carried out on this sample, which was small yet representative for the market, for dietary fibre, starch, gross energy, fatty acids and the levels of calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, chlorides and vitamins.

The conclusions of the study, published in the Journal of the World Rabbit Science Association, were quite surprising:

Analysis of the six commercial rabbit pet feeds showed them to be extremely heterogeneous in chemical composition and often not proper in terms of pet rabbit nutrient requirements. In particular, starch content and DE (Digestible Energy) exceeded recommendations considerably in most of the feeds analysed, and if high-energy diets are fed for a long period, obesity can occur and contribute to the reduction of the animal lifespan.

The investigation was then extended to feeds for other pets, rodents and birds, by carrying out differential analyses considering species characteristics and by completing them with the direct experience of veterinarians.

Our results demonstrated that even feeds for other species, especially for rodents, are not always nutritionally suitable and could become hazardous to their health if administered for a long time; other feeds, despite being fairly balanced, could be improved in terms of nutrients and in raw material quality.

The results of our research led us to cooperate with university researchers to create WELLNESS, our new line of feeds for dwarf rabbits, rodents and birds, being confident that better nutrition allows pets to lead a better and longer life.


Balanced food to cater for the needs of a fast and delicate
metabolism such as that of birds.

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