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50 ml


Liquid complementary feed for guinea pigs

Liquid feed with a high vitamin C content (88700 mg). As, unlike other rodents, guinea pigs are not able to synthesize vitamin C, it is very important for them to take this vitamin every day when feeding. Moreover, Vita-C contains L-carnitine, which helps metabolise fats for improved weight control.


Name Code
Vita-C 50 ml PP00580
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  • sorbitol
  • dextrose


  • Nutritional additives
    • vitamin A 1950000 IU
    • vitamin D3 90000 IU
    • vitamin E (all-rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate) 4530 mg
    • vitamin C 88700 mg
    • vitamin K3 112 mg
    • vitamin B1 320 mg
    • vitamin B2 400 mg
    • vitamin B6 440 mg
    • vitamin B12 0,045 mg
    • niacinamide 178 mg
    • calcium D-pantothenate 356 mg
    • folic acid 178 mg
    • L-carnitine 6095 mg
    • biotin 36 mg

Analytical content

  • crude protein 3%
  • crude fibres 0,01%
  • crude oils and fats 1,8%
  • crude ash 1,5%
  • moisture 78%
5 ml per kg of complete feed or litre of water (equal to about 10 drops per average water-dish/100 ml), for a period of 7 consecutive days; treatment can be repeated. SHAKE BEFORE USE. Though you may find variations in colour intensity and/or in the particle size of the product, they have no effect on the product’s quality or chemical analysis. Keep in a cool, dry place. ​

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