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  • Sanipet profumato
  • Sanipet profumato
Sanipet profumato

4 L

Sanipet profumato

10 L

Sanipet profumato

Maize cob granule litter, scented with lemon

The dried granules of maize cobs provide a biodegradable litter, which is excellent for small animals, particularly birds, reptiles and rodents. The hyper-drying process the granules are subjected to considerably increases their absorbency (138 % by weigh of water). Also, the particular sponge structure, holds in the water and reduces the diffusion of odours. The extremely careful cleaning of the granules from all fine particles and dust, prevents the granules from adhering to the animal’s body, thus keeping your house clean.


Name Code
Sanipet profumato 4 L PP00032
Sanipet profumato 10 L PP00017
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​Pour the product onto the bottom of the cage or tank and replace it when necessary. After use, Sanipet can be used as an excellent manure.

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