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3 kg / 30 L


Hemp fibre bedding for rabbits, rodents and other small pets

This bedding is obtained by processing the soft central part of the hemp plant, which makes it comfortable because of its softness and thermal insulation. Compared to shavings or straw, this bedding is more capable of absorbing liquids, and therefore ammonia, with a consequent reduction in unpleasant odours. The surface remains dry so it will not stick to the pet’s paws, plus it lasts for much longer than other bedding. It is almost free from dust and does not contain toxic particles, since the hemp plant is cultivated without the use of any pesticides. These properties make it strongly recommended for pets with breathing problems.


Name Code
HempBed 3 kg / 30 L PP00529
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Place on the bottom of the cage and change when necessary. The used bedding, which is entirely biodegradable, can be disposed of with normal kitchen waste​.

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