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GrandMix cavie

850 g

GrandMix cavie

Compound feed for guinea pigs, chinchillas and degu

Food for small herbivorous pet rodents, with fruit and vegetables and added vitamins, including vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential for guinea pigs, who are unable to make their own, meaning they need to get it through their diet.


Name Code
GrandMix cavie 850 g PP00190
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  • cereals
  • derivatives of vegetable origin (lucerne 11%)
  • vegetables 13% (carrot 1%)
  • fruit 7%
  • minerals
  • vegetable protein extracts


  • Nutritional additives
    • vitamin A 2450 UI
    • vitamin D3 490 UI
    • vitamin E 9 mg
    • vitamin C 550 mg
    • iron (3b103) 25 mg
    • zinc (3b605) 65 mg
    • manganese (3b503) 50 mg
    • iodine (3b203) 2 mg
    • selenium (3b801) 0,2 mg
  • Colourants
  • Binders: sepiolite 270 mg

Analytical content

  • crude protein 16%
  • crude fibres 12%
  • crude oils and fats 15%
  • crude ash 6,5%
  • moisture 11%
Pur into a food trough for the animal to graze on, adding well dried hay to ensure your pet is getting enough fibre. Provide fresh, clean water every day. Keep in a cool, dry place. ​

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