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Holiday feeding

20 g

Holiday feeding

Compound feed for all ornamental fish

This compressed feedingstuff allows going away on holiday without having to worry about feeding the fish.


Name Code
Holiday feeding 20 g PP00052
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  • minerals
  • molluscs and crustaceans
  • fish and fish derivatives
  • cereals
  • oils and fats

Analytical content

  • ash insoluble in HCl 2,5%
  • calcium 22%
  • phosphorus 50 mg/kg
  • sodium 0,002%
By depositing the food block on the bottom of the aquarium, over the space of 2 weeks, sufficient food particles are slowly released to feed 10-15 specimens. There is improved dissolution of the food when the temperature is above 22°C, and if the aquarium is fitted with a pump. ​The block will slowly release small particles of food when disturbed by the fish looking for food.

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